Various TF2 Poses

A bunch of diffrent pics from me.


They are all blur-raped.

Cant see shit.
Blur is hurting my eyes.
Turn down blur and they could be good.

Maybe you need to see a Doctor. I agree that the blurr is far heavy but it dont make it impossible to see whats going on. Unless you got a screen rev lower than 1680 by 945.

Te fuck dude they are all raped with blur. It hurts even if im just looking at them.

You sound like a idiot no one will take your criticism for no one respects or understands you.

fucking talking
in this way
and start
dumb fuck.

Any the pictures are nice, but the blur may be to contrasted.

I want to ask you something you something dude.
Are those pictures blur raped or not?
Think before you post now.

they aren’t as blurred as you say, the main picture is viable, you can see the picture properly. There is no problem, maybe a little less would be good. Putting 2-5 words per line doesn’t make you sound smart.

The main thing of blurring is make the main thing about the picture more visible.
Blurring everything is counter-productive=Blur Rape.
Agree with me?
If no why not?

He’s being a damn cry baby, just ignore him. He’s lucky the mods aint mistakened him for a troll.

Blur rape would be that you can’t make out the picture, every thing is visible. So it’s not blur rape. You troll every ones first posing work, you just hate that people may be better posers than you.

Well everyone cant have the same taste,i like it blurry,It dont look so fake then,but everyone has their own opinion.And i can see my pictures fine,my eyes dont hurt a bit :slight_smile:

Most of people react badly to blurr that covers the hole picture, an example is combine…

Lol good to hear that Gidde can take critism.
I am not trolling. Its called critism dude.

From what I’ve seen. Its nothing like that. Its like some guy ranting about certain things…

I give critism in my first post(maybe very little but its critism) but I hate it when people start saying:“lol you didnt gave critism with nice words you troll lol”.
Read my first post in this and every other thread youll read a harsh critism.

You give critism at times. But then you rant about many things in other peoples threads… Like TF2 being in other source engine games. And well done, you completed your first ever sentence without having to make a new line…

Stop complaining about my typing style. I just tought its very strange that a Heavy boxing CPs is funny. I tought mingebag things like that were funny years ago?

I used sarcasim combine… One thing you dont seem to understand… And you dont state that you think its strange. You who repeatly jumps on your horse and start attacking people who make the hybrid type of pictures.

Just realised we are mingebags complaining about shit in another guys screenshot thread.
Lets stop talking.