Various Updated Ragdolls Pack

If you hate low poly meshes or were born after 1988 (<21 years old), then this post was not meant for you.

I fixed all of my ragdolls, they’re a lot easier to pose now. As a bonus, two new ragdolls: Yahtzee and Yahtzee’s Imp. Also, I removed all of the previous ragdolls from Mediafire.

From left to right: Hermione, Cat Massage, Faye Valentine, Jeri Ryan, Stoya, AngiEsurance, Camilla Belle, Tem Porary.

Credits to artists of the models.

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Red dress bitch got her leg broken.

You made even yahtzee seem crap

Lowres models? :wtc: My eyes!

Oh god I could do better then this and I don’t even know how to model.

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These are even worse than that furry model…


Assuming I filtered the kids and high-poly enthusiasts, everyone else who has criticized the ragdolls need to provide images of their work in order for their opinions to be valid.

No they don’t. I don’t have to be a musician to say pop music is bad.

anyway, here’s my work

I think it looks much better.

Use smoothing on the models. Otherwise, they look ok-ish

Either you’re a troll or you’re an even greater dumbass than Deathbucket. Your models are shit, period. They have no work put in them, no effort, and are half-assed. That’s why they’re low poly. If you even had one bit of talent and intelligence you’d realize your models look like shit and you’d spend more time on making them actually look good. You are a smelly, brown shit stain on the ass of this forum.
Get the fuck out.

(User was permabanned for this post ("You just can't stop being an asshole." - Jaanus))


i suppose you’re 22 years old then

Now I remember why he’s on my ignore list.

I’m fine with low-res models when it’s a low-res game. I suspect (ie. know) you’re hiding behind a “low-res artistic style” to hide the fact that you can’t model, or can’t be assed to.

And we don’t need to provide pictures of our own work to say why your stuff is crap.

Since I try to always provide some constructive criticism, here’s some tips:

  1. Use smoothing. It doesn’t do anything to your precious poly count, but it makes organic surfaces look less like origami.
  2. Don’t worry about resource usage. Textures should be at least 512x512, and 3000 polygons is normal for humanoid characters. Source can easily handle 8000 polys and 2048x2048 textures. If people are running it on crap computers, it automatically scales down.
  3. Don’t be a douchebag because of criticism. If absolutely nobody has anything nice to say about your models except you, it’s pretty obvious who’s idea of aesthetics are wrong.

Oh dear lord, not you again.

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why are you guys acting like such douchebags

all the guy did was try to offer some of the shit he made/ported, not fucking claim that these models were the bestest ever in the world and you’d be retarded not to download them

you guys aren’t even giving constructive criticism, you’re just following some bandwagon hate because you can.

You could’ve applied smooth groups.