Vas Avi| No Sleepers| 100 Slot | PVP| InstaCraft| Private Messaging | Weekly Events| Massive Airdrops

Vas Avi Syndicate|New Server|Limited C4|Gangs/Groups|Economy|Active Admins|No Abuse
No Sleepers| 100 Slot | PVP| InstaCraft| Private Messaging | Weekly Events| Massive Airdrops|Currency/Economy|Gangs/Groups|Kits|Rewards|Active Admins|Noob Friendly|No Admin Abuse!|Global TP request|Oxide|Skills & Perks|Building Removal|
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Server Name: Vas’Avi Syndicate

Vas’Avi: Created by Louwey; means Treasury. This guild exists for the purpose of bringing players together to form teams to progress into the competitive scene. Vas’Avi is focused on forging tournament ready teams. Stay tuned and watch us as we explode out towards

We have Recently Added Rust as One of our many Supported Games.We also have a Community Flyer on the link above. you are welcome to use the flyer. We also Do Plugin Updates as they come out so the server is always up to high expectations.

Our Server is Oxide Supported With strong Anti cheat (For those pesky hackers), Door Sharing, Faction Creation, Weekly Events,Custom Drops,Currency (In game Shop–Kill Zombies To Earn Cash), We also create Custom Villages (EX: Radtowns) With Loot that spawns all by Itself!

Our Admins Are Mature and We Actually ADMIN.
Admin On our Server Are Banned From THe Following:

Favoring Players
PVP Anyone Unless Shot Upon By Other Players
Abuse Power
Kicking/Banning Players Without Reason and or Warning Issued.

We take Admin Possition SERIOUSLY! (So seriously We Sheeeait Bricks for Breakfast!)

You can also compete on our HUNGER GAMES ARENA ! Where you will FIGHT TO THE DEATH! 1V1 or as a group for resources and prizes! BUT BE Careful! ONLY 1 Will Claim the PRIZE!

Check Us out!

Here Is a Txt File With All The Server Commands You can Use On Our Server:

And for every friend you bring you get $100 to spend in out ingame Shop* Wich you use to buy Weapons,Food,Ammo,Ores,etc. Price List is Balanced From Being OP