Vast expanses of unused space

Any thoughts or ideas on what Garry and his team have in mind for what seems like 70% of the map?

If you go behind Dinosaur back mountain (my group and I came up for this name for the huge mountain ridge to the north of where everyone plays), you can see there is a HUGE amount of unused space.

There is nothing out there either, no resources, no pre made structures, just trees grass and mountains.

Seems like an awful lot of space with nothing in it. Maybe spawn resources out there so people who dont enjoy pvp can build in the wild? And for those who do like PVP it would be a big score to venture out to the player built wasteland communities for tons of GP, ore and other stuff the non pvpers are mining…

Or maybe something else?

Dynamic resource locations are coming up really soon. Then those unused spaces will not be unused anymore.

That and the mountain ridge you are talking about is Mt. Everust

(Dunno why but the dino name bugs me)

(and no one will know what you are talking about)

No, it isn’t. I know where mnt everrust is. This mountain range is north of everrust.

I believe the idea was to start with a large, but mostly unusable playing surface so as not to be hampered by space as content and features are released.

From what I understand the plan is to expand the map into those areas, or (probably more likely) make new maps altogether.

Just to put in my $0.02: Mt. Everust usually refers to the eastern mtn range that separates hacker valley with the main part of the map, the mountain that you call “Dinosaur back mountain” (horrible name lol) is commonly referred to as North Mtn.

where it says satellite map created by alphacheeto, the map keeps going behind that big mountain(Dinosaur Back Mountain, thats what its called, deal with it). For a long way.

Yep… I think pretty much everyone knows that. The map also goes super far to the east.

Pretty sure anyone who’s played the game for more then 2 days knows that the map is larger then what we play on…

Either way…

Dinosaur back mountain… XD please just stab me now.

The map is a test map. Garry has already said it will be replaced and the real one will be useable from coast to Coast.

-.- it looks like the back of a stegosaurus when looking at it in game.

You just drew your own line extending everrust into Dino back mountain. It clearly indicates that everrust separates hacker valley and resource valley. Good day sir.

Its part of the same mountain. go into Rust and look…

That and just think about the name for like…2 seconds…



Mt Everest is the tallest (above sea level) in the world… wouldn’t it make sense that Mt. Everust be the tallest mountain in rust?

You don’t have to think to hard to realise… that its Mt. Everust… everyone know it to… just go into any server and ask which mountain is Everust.

See, I didn’t know that.

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There are other mountains on the other side of Dino back mountain that may or may not have higher peaks. I haven’t made it out there to look yet.

At any rate someone already said that they call it north mountain, meaning that they also think it isn’t everrust. Besides it clearly states which mountain is everrust and the mountain I am referring to isn’t named. So I named it Dino back mountain.

It’s true, I refer to the eastern range as Everust and the large mountain as North mountain despite the obvious homage to Mt Everest… that’s just how I learned it on the first map I used and that’s how I remember it now.

Whether I’m wrong or not, it’s better than “dino back”, that’s just crazy-talk lol.

I just had a thought. if garry is gonna be making a huge map, won’t there be other forms of transport like cars and stuff?

You guys are all wrong. Have you seen the way the sun moves now?

North Mt will now have to be West Mt. The eastern range is now the Northern range.

Stryfekhaos wins.

that mointain shouldnt be called everust because there are tallers ones beyond that