"Vat am I doing with zis?" Heavy asking Spy a question

“Im going to show you my fat friend.”
It was the cover for a comic I was working on but I decided to stop. Whatever I think this picture is pretty good so I decided to post it.
What do you guys think?


Heavy’s Face seems a little weird bu thats the model’s fault not yours, but other than that t looks purdy Darn Gud!

Thanks mate.

Heavy doesn’t have German accent, otherwise, the pic is pretty finely edited, you’ve got my pallette.

Nice. What was the comic going to be about?

Warning bad story incoming :smug:
Well in 2fort the blus finally made it to capture their inteligence and built a tenth class. Tenth Class enslaved all reds and blu took over the controll. Some reds didnt gave up fighting yet and formed a resistance. This picture is made while the red spy(Boss off Red) and his minion the heavy are thinking off sabotage the 10th class. The sentence in the picture from the spy would be:“And soon the red will rule all meet the videos again”.

Its bad I know thats why I stopped.

Heh, creative to say the least. You probs should have carried on. Sounds like an original idea.

Seens faked in my opinion :smile:
But thank you.

What? It does sound original!
But hey, no loss man. But you better create some more awesome pics to make up for it. :slight_smile:

Dont worry I will. Especially because I got better now. :smile:

The fact that the spy isn’t looking at the heavy is a little strange looking. Kinda makes him looks like he is staring into space.

Well he isnt supposed the look at him. He is like:“I will capture the world” and Heavy is like:“What is he talkin about?”

He still looks strange. Mostly because you can’t see both of his eyes, so it kinda makes it look like he has a lazy eye…

Aah I understand.
You mean maybe he has :downs:? Well infact the heavy is having downs in this picture even if you cant see it. Spy is just looking in the sky.

I will definitely remember that and use at least some of it later!

Oh my god.
Thank you :smile:

Some more critism would be nice.