Vault Door Competition

Greetings, one and all, to the first ever Facepunch Studios Vault Door Competition! I’ve noticed an interest in Vault doors lately, and decided it would be appropriate to have a contest.

Anyone who’s played Fallout 3 should agree that Vault doors are really fucking cool. Tons upon tons of solid steel designed to hold back nuclear apocalypse, these massive gear-shaped doors were for some beacons of hope, and for others, harbingers of doom. Thousands of people entered the Vaults through these very doors, oblivious as to what was really behind them…

*Were these great gates designed to keep things out?

… Or keep them in?*

Now it’s your turn to take the place of a Vault-Tec Vault Engineer. Design a door that looks awesome, functions smoothly, and possibly even completes its original purpose of ensuring the survival of those inside of it in the event of a nuclear war.

The Rules:

1) You may use Vault doors that you have built in the past.
2) Your Vault door does not have to function or look exactly like the ones from the Fallout series.
3) Your Vault door must be detailed, well-designed, and functional - it must combine several motions while operating.
4) Your Vault door must be comprised of a door, a threshold, and an operator. This means the door has to be an inanimate slab of steel moved by another piece of machinery.
5) Your Vault door cannot be frozen. Weld latches are permitted, provided they are represented by something (hydraulic seals, etc.). Representations must be visible.
6) Your Vault door must be able to withstand the force of a nuclear explosion. We will probably use Teta’s nukes or Gbombs.
7) Your Vault door must be automated… no numpad interaction.
8) Only PHX and default props are allowed.
9) While a video would be preferred, pictures that show functionality are acceptable as long as you provide a save with instructions.
10) If you would like to replicate Fallout’s Vault doors, it must function the same way and be similarly sized.

Vault doors will be judged in three individual categories: Functionality/complexity, appearance/detail, and realism. These three will be reviewed, scored out of 10, and then averaged together to get the final score.

teh pirate (Steam Friends: Rothladoad)

[ul]Remember, more detail equals more points! Putting an entrance chamber behind your Vault door may boost your score.[/ul]
[ul]Effects are always nice! One of my favorite parts of the Vault doors were how they sparked as they moved and the sounds they made.[/ul]
[ul]It’s never not fun to see something break. Show how powerful your Vault door is by crushing something with it![/ul]
[ul]Prove how tough your Vault door is by detonating a nuke near it! If it doesn’t break, post the video! We don’t subtract points if you don’t nuke it, though, so don’t get down if your Vault door doesn’t work. After all, this is GMod. Remember to save it first, though![/ul]

I will be choosing 2 judges. If you want to be a judge, PM me. Also, if you have questions, do not shit up the thread with them; PM me. The contest will end sometime around July 1st to give people time to experiment with concepts and tweak their machinery.

Oh dear.

The rules are kind of confusing. Maybe make your own as an example? I’ll try this though.

I’ve only seen 2 lately…

Lol compotion


also this compotion is going to fail like any compotion not hosted by Zeo

I don’t think anyone here is going to take advice from someone who can’t spell competition. Might give this a shot, i like making automated systems.

I feel bad for you. Prepare for the flamez.

In one of the vault door’s threads it was said someone’s going to make a vault door compotion…
This is a joke right? If not;

I would give this a shot, but the rules are a tad confusing… I can make it non-working, but it must be connected to a control panel and can’t be frozen?

apparently you’re the one no one is going to listen too.

and its spelled COMPOTION not COMPETITION.

Please not these forced memes again

what the hell no I never said that

sif, mine doesnt fail, it doesnt win though…

Did I call this or what.

I saw your post but was already going to make this before that. My contests never get anywhere, although it’s probably because I’m poor at organizing and wording rules.

Or maybe its because this is a fucki-


Blummin’ aegar an junk

Don’t see why you people are bitching, this is actually thought out and well made.

I don’t care what anyone says, this is a well thought out and refreshing competition. The problem is that
you aren’t as active as many of the people on here and therefore you’ll be shot down no matter what you
present. The Facepunch community has a tendency of bashing anything which doesn’t fit into their paradigm.

Its too bad really, I would have loved to see some vault videos…