Vautaut - City Roleplay, a new community.

Vautaut. A serious roleplaying gamemode. Named after the wicked sick dude vautaut, and because it sounds odd to me.
The script is based in a city, a very restrictive city with strict police, similar to Half-Life 2 roleplay, Except alot more freedom. The script was developed/coded by schumacher, Based from kiwi by yahan. The script has a good looking interface and smooth functioning. To me, A good looking script makes everything better because it is enjoyable and fun to browse through as you roleplay.
Anyway, To the script functions, The script has alot of useful functions and is still in beta, although it works and functions nicely as it is. Here is a list of features

Zip ties - You can tie up players and it slows their movement, Make sure you roleplay it with /me , however.

Knockout - Multiple weapons can knock out a player, One being the Black Jack which knocks out a player on a hit.

ContraBand - Contraband ran by timers can be purchased, They are very expensive but ensure a nice rate of cash.

Door lock - This tool is used by police, It locks a door with the combine lock model, like in kuromeku’s servers.

Door kick - Players can kick in doors with there foot, or if they get ahold of a breaching charge, or battering ram, they can use those.

Lockpicks - Lockpicking is a good skill to have, There are multiple different lockpicks in the server (Rake 72%/100%, Bump Key 65%/100%, Bobby pin 33%/100%)

Books - Give your character In-Character knowledge by reading books.

The server is hosted by they have a great dedi box and shepsie is wicked. It is located in Maidenhead, United Kingdom ( People in US will still get great pings, no lag. Great FPS also) The map we run on is md_venetianredux_b2fix which is made after the city ‘Venice’ Also known as the “City on water” Atleast i think it is after venice (Pretty sure)

The roleplay in the server is fantastic, and it is no DeathMatch full bullshit you find in DarkRP servers and such. We will appreciate to see you in the server and have some fun!

Here are some pictures of active roleplay, script features and alike.

** Photograph of the menu **

** Inventory photograph **

** Photograph of a contraband peice **

** Picture of the laws tab **

** Now for some random scenic/roleplay screenshots **

** This guy ended up getting assassinated and dumped into the ocean, he told the police about a militia’s arms development center…**

I hope you all decide to check us out, The server info and our website is below! Note: The website requires you to make an account to view alot of sections, You do not have to confirm your account in your email. Connect and come play!

Looks nice schu, also, I guess that color at the top of the menu was a good guess by me, it is almost exactly the same color as the top of the steam chat windows :stuck_out_tongue:

But, besides that, looks like a very nice roleplay script. Thumbs up for you my friend. :dance:

I know right? Well done mate!

This isn’t based on Kiwi bro. This is Kiwi. How many ‘new gamemodes’ have you released now? Made a dozen yet? I’m of the opinion that you should stop re-hashing everyone else’s old gamemodes, and your own, and releasing them every other day. I don’t really have any more to say on this script itself, because I’ve already stated my opinion on the script’s features in all your OTHER threads.

This is nowhere near kiwi you fool. Only the basic functions (storing character data, etc.) This is NOT kiwi anymore
Perma kill
new zip tie system
new knockout system
new derma skin
this is NOT sandbox derived anymore, I made my own base.
new animations file
remade weapon base
most if not all weapons redone
more item functioning( item.base, item.parent,, item.note, item.percent, item.timer, item.curtimebase )
containers are in beta, not put in yet because they are not saving items after you close the window
Redone method of inventory storing
login/logout system
running shoes function, done via tick
new clothing system (retrieves your model and transfers to a seperate, so you have the same face, pretty easy)
i fixed ALL animations, i told yahan how to do so the other day too.
ordering item function
new request device method (for some reason yahan made it print to everyone…?)
redone books ( now use html, not linse tables)
Contraband system
Redone admin thing (it looked so fucking ugly, and method of banning was retarded)

The gamemode was nearly redone completely besides the core bit, this is not even CLOSE to kiwi whatsoever in any form at all. You pidgey, are the biggest idiot i have ever met.

Looks good.

Looks good, except for two things which, IMO, look ugly:

  • Green text
  • The boldened text on the tabs/DPropertySheet

Green text will probably be fixed. People liked the bold so i will keep it

Most this stuff in reich. If they were, I put an all caps ‘REICH’ after it. I Might check this out if you can give me a download to the map it is on… md_venetianredux_b2fix.bsp search it. Not hard.

I’m joining right now. This looks good.

I’m on the server right now if anyone wants to join.

Website was updated, Also added a logging function on the forums, if you are police on the server, You can see the forum called ‘logs’

direct link to logs:

Also read about a project we might start here:

I don’t know how much you changed. I guess it looks okay.

I’m still working on kiwi. Improving it and a lot. so When I do get my box I can host it.

Is that chat piece is really from the TnB script? Really neat modification of it combined with other scripts, I always liked combined scripts which contains each other’s options and can perform more than a lone script.

This isn’t taco and banana.

Kiwi > Tacoscript & Vautaunt.

Yes that right Schumacher without kiwi this wouldn’t be possible.

Not possible? I could have done this with cakescript easy, I hate the look of cakescript, and how it operates though. What the hell is vautaunt. You know i redid over 80 percent of your codes.

You spelled my name wrong.
Take a bit of time to read the name of what you are criticizing before you decide to make an idiotic post.

I’m guessing either Pigdey or Yahan made all of Schu’s posts disagree or dumb. Probably because their parents “Disagreed” with them and threw them out of the house as a child. Or they are just “Dumb.”

Don’t worry, I released tortoise, Start bitching now yahan.