Vaxigeon, Serious Roleplay Community(without flame)

Welcome to Vaxigeon Role-play, we are a serious role-play server. We plan on having the server up really soon, and we’d love to see some more members joining on the forums and checking us out. We have a forum up but our server is currently down for the moment being. We have a major opening event in which we need a good 20 players to participate. We will be hosting many maps that tie with the storyline of this role-play. Instead of throwing you in a town and telling you to have fun, we are going to set a path for the survivors and let them change what happens next. It will have a great balance of passive and action role-play. I expect the server to be up in the next few weeks. So, get on the forums and check out what were about. We plan on making this a unique role-play, we don’t want a cliché zombie apocalypse setting in which the player has to aim for the head or jog past a bunch of shambling zombies. We wanted to make it realistic to a point (If zombies were real that is). No mass spawning of weaponry, no automatic firearms lying around. Realistic weaponry and realistic placement of said weaponry. We would have a complex storyline in which the player choose to follow, if they choose not to then their fate will unfold with their good calls, or mistakes. We have a zero tolerance to minges, please if you haven’t role-played on servers other than Darkrp’s, then this server isn’t for you. Jump on our forums and check it out, we will be up and running soon enough. We aren’t an everyday severance script, using CSS weapons, and CEDA. No, we customized all of this, weaponry all original and realistic. Custom models, custom storyline. No, slow zombies from HL2, no bs that you’ve all seen before in every other severance server. We want to be diffrent, and hopefully people look past the shit Steven, Mitch, and I have posted and look at what is really going on. A server in the making, a server that needs more members, a server that no-one have ever seen before. Original, new, and exciting.

-We will have an advanced ammunition system, clips, magazines and bullets. Ammo will be scarce and there won’t be boxes of 9x19mm just lying on a counter top for no reason. If you have a magazine filled with 10 rounds of .45 let’s say, you’d have to manually unload the magazine to get 10 bullets, and then load the said bullets into your gun. We plan on having custom clips, magazines, and ammo boxes. No more HL2 SMG boxes or 9mm boxes.

-We will have a storyline in which the characters can change around as they go through cities and towns looking for supplies, and survivors. You only have one life though, so make it count. We have a zero tolerance for Rambo’s, if you run towards a group of infected and beat them with a shovel for no reason what-so-ever, than you will be killed or infected, regardless of you killing them all. Think of this way, if zombies were real, what would you do? Would you run towards a bunch of guns protected by 100 or more zombies, risking your life for some weapons, or would you run into a safe house and hide from the said infected until they pass, and maybe get the guns after they move on. Everyone’s actions have a part in how the story changes, everyone is important, everything you do has repercussions, or rewards. If you decide to search a desk with role-play, you might find yourself a handgun, instead of just pressing e on it and looking inside. Good role-players will be rewarded in many ways, if your character has been alive for weeks and you role-play decently, and let’s say you get infected. Most people would just turn in a day or two, but maybe by chance you find a vial of the prototype cure, maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but you’ll have to assume it does. Also, if you find some medicine, antibiotics, and such, you can slow down the process of infection. We want to be as realistic as possible, make it more than your average zombie role-play.

Here’s a little sneak peek of our storyline.

This is a story line.
Play this while reading.

California, 10/29/2013

The sound of glass breaking emits from the outside of the man’s house. He jerks his head up to the frightening noise, exhausted and confused he clambers out of his bed. He stumbles onto the stairs, as he descends with every step the house creaks. The old house groans as he reaches the door. He slips his shoes on and walks outside, the moon bright illuminating the barren street as he walks towards his 1988 Chevrolet. The air is humid and the ground is wet, droplets of water splash on his jacket as he walks around back, the silence of the neighborhood tenses him

Looking upon his car he notices the driver’s window broken and glass shattered, he moves quietly towards the car and looks inside. As he opens the car door his house moans, the light flicks on in his office and a shadow of a man sifts through the desk. He quietly moves back into the house, he moves towards the office door. He inches the door open slowly, as he reaches the half way open the door lets out a scream, the shadowed man turns around quickly.

The sickly man holds a Glock19 in his right hand; he raises it up with one arm and aims it at the resident. The sick man quickly exclaims, “Where is the medicine? I know you have it somewhere!” He quickly replies, “G-Go to the bathroom! Just please, please don’t shoot me!” The man begins to cough wildly; he drops the handgun and begins to vomit blood onto the desk.

The sick man finally stops vomiting and lays motionless on the table, his face covered in his own blood. He rushes towards the handgun and grabs it. He stutters, “D-D-Don’t m-move!"

As he says this the man snaps his head towards him, his eyes a milky white. He squeezes the trigger once, the bullet flying towards his chest, as it impacts his lungs the infected man begins to wheeze as he regains his stance off the desk. The infected male sprints towards the man with his arms outstretch. He fires off four more rounds blindly at its figure. The man falls on his back, dead.

The infected man on the ground soaking in his own blood, three clean shots to the torso ended his life. The man drops the handgun and walks out of the office, foreign blood speckle his body. As he walks out of the room, he coughs…

Try getting a professional poser for you story line…

It’s not about posing, it’s about the roleplay. I just posted some posing for the setting. Not because I wanted people to think I’m a good poser. It’s about the story.

You know what they say about first impressions…

Two threads really now…

The first one was filled with a bunch of flaming, so I made a new one.

Every thread is full of “flaming” you just had to grow up and deal with it.

Its called criticism.

The point of the thread was to show people the roleplay. Honestly people were only coming back for the “criticism”.

I’m not going to even post the paragraph I was going to,about how stupid and annoying I think you are.

I rate this community terrible.


Making a second thread to try and cover up your mistakes isn’t really a good idea. It’ll only cause people to criticize you even more.

I really don’t have high hopes for this, but I’m gonna cut you some slack. You haven’t even gotten a chance to show your server and yet we are criticising it.

I’m just going to end with the advertising and just let people who are interested join if they want. We arent even up yet, I was just posting the forums and what we’re about. I really didn’t know this was going to be the outcome. Sorry.

Hey, I remember you. And to this community I say haha, oh wow.

I don’t know who you are but, thanks. :confused:

Heck,Ill try it out,Seems pretty cool.

Not even as much as a server ip.

We arent up yet, if you read it then you’d see that.

Next time, don’t advertise something that isn’t even up yet.