vbsp keeps cracking parts of my map.

So I made bob-omb battlefield, but two spots on my spiral mountain keep getting artifacts even though they look perfectly fine in hammer. I’ve also checked the map for problems and nothing came up. Any ideas on how to fix? Also these brushes are all triangular prisms that have been vertex edited on a 1 unit scale grid, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

What the first one looks like in hammer.

What it looks like in-game.

What the other one looks like in hammer

What is looks like in-game.

Also, what the hell is with the mess of vertices vbsp makes. Goddamn. What should be 2 triangles is about 50.

what… exactly am i looking at

Read the text above each group of pictures, it tells you.

Is it an invalid brush? Are you on grid with the vertices?
Oh wait nvm, you already sit it is.

Maybe remove it and recreate it. If it still has the same problem, try making it in another way with more brushes perhaps.

I’ll try that.

Pretty much this. I’ve made some complex sloped brushwork before and the only remedy was either to turn it into func_detail or figure a way to build it differently. Sometimes using a strategically placed hint brush would fix it also.

Oh yeah. Just did some reading on func_detail, and that spiral mountain should definitely be a func_detail as well as a few other things. Thanks for mentioning that.

You could also use displacements. It would allow for a lot more geometry detail customization.

Yeah, but then I’d need the walls of the mountain to also be displacements since the path is concave. Would that be practical?

Also, func_detail worked like a charm.

That would cause visibility nightmare, don’t do it.