VCMod Creating Errors.


I have recently found that whenever I press E on A TDM car, I get this VCMod Script Error:

[ERROR] addons/vcmod1/lua/autorun/client/vehcontroller_cl.lua:209: Calling net.Start with unpooled message name! []

  1. Start - [C]:-1
  2. fn - addons/vcmod1/lua/autorun/client/vehcontroller_cl.lua:209
    3. unknown - addons/ulib-master/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:110

It doesn’t fill my console with it, just appears every time I enter a TDM Car.

Is that a paid addon? Did you buy it?

Well, I didn’t buy it, a friend did a few months ago. Ever since my old server got shutdown, I didn’t touch it. Now I develop a server and that error started happening.

Then you should probably ask your “friend” to send a support ticket to freemmaann on ScriptFodder.

Since you did not pay for the addon, its considered leaking. Remove it our you will be reported.

Check line 209, it says you have to buy it

Pretty sure leakING means that you’re putting the addon up for free.

But just to avoid complications, I’ll ask the owner of the server to buy a copy of it.

Update: Asked the owner if he could buy VCMod off of scriptfodder. Said he didn’t want to pay 20 bucks for a copy of it. So I guess we’ll have to find something like it.

He gave the file out to others that didn’t pay for it, that’s leaking.

The reason for that error is that you only have clientside files. You just went on a random server and thought “lua stealler” will do the job. Plus, from the file name it seems the copy is over a year old anyway, well, half of the copy you have, anyway.

Sorry mate, no chance you can get it to work.