VCMod issue - All cars are no collided


My friend stopped using VC mod (cause he closed down his own server) so he added it to our server and there seems to be an issue.

All the cars on the server are no collided. If you right click on the car, there is still the option to disable collisions. I’ve looked through the VC mod settings and there seems to be no option for this.

I am not sure what to do. Thank you.

Hey, I am the creator of VCMod. Why did you, instead of making a ticket, made a thread about this on a forum completely unrelated to it? Or could had just added me on steam? I accept everybody.

The issue itself, seen it before, was a simple addon confliction last time. Nevertheless, I have remade the trailer attachement system itself, override the collisions instead of memorising the older one. All issues will be fixed with the next update.

Oh, I see! he sent me this months ago, and he bought the script, so he’s the one able to make a ticket. And we will purchase the script ASAP just so we can get the updated version! Thank you!