VCMod - Repair Tool


Learned that VCMod already has a Repair Tool in it, so this post is a waste. If an Admin could delete/lock this post, it would be nice.

The best download link ever :o

What do you mean by that? If it bothers people that it’s and adf-ly link, I can always change it to a regular one.

I mean, the link doen’t work for me (DNS error)

Im in school right now, I’ll fix the link when I get home!

This isn’t even a valid url

You must be using a leaked version of VCMod because it ships with a repair tool if you buy it.

I must of fucked up copying the url, As I said in a earlier post , I fix it when I get home

Why do you realese a addon that dosn’t belong to you. I dont know why you take credits lol

VCMod already includes a fully functional repair tool. Whats the point of this?

The version I have doesn’t include one…

Um, so update?

I just snipped the post, hopefully an admin will delete/lock this thread. I’ll go ahead and update. Thanks!

No problem, thought it was abit useless since its included. :wink:

Hey actually, while you’re here, I got a question. How would I go about adding more seats to a vehicle?

Youd have to edit the JSOn text file yourself, um, if you want any cars changed I will be glad to help, name what cars to fix and whats wrong with them and Ill fix them in a few minutes for ya.

I just wanted to make it so that players can sit on the sides ( facing inward ) on the truck beds. Like the F350 for example.

Ahh, well, I can add the seats on those if you want.


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That would be great! :dance:

What is VCMod ? any one can explain ?