Reposting this despite this not being required for me to PLAY Garry’s Mod.

Ever heard of vcollide_wireframe 1/0? It makes a model’s hitbox visible and is easily one of the most useful console commands for sandbox purposes. It only works on physics props and ragdolls. Illustration of the command in use below:

Very useful in Garry’s Mod for making ragdoll based contraptions, very precise alignment and constraint placement. Also, this makes models with difficult hitboxes easier to work with.
This was broken in Garry’s Mod 13.

If any of you have a fix, please tell me. If a similar post has been made, tell me how the problem was dealt with.

EDIT: Realized a thread with this exact problem was posted 10 hours ago. Herp derp.

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Would recommend my thread get locked since this one actually has some replies and is much nicer with pictures and all.