Vector angles/position of an entity

I’m pretty sure there’s a way, what’s the way to print the vector angles of an entity you’re looking at/wanting to get?

you can use ent:GetPos() and ent:GetAngles()

Nobody looks for stuff anymore, has to be spoon fed to them.

Can you post an example of getting an entity/weapon’s vector pls.

[lua]local pos = entity:GetPos()
local dir = entity:GetForward()[/lua]

function FindEntVector()

local pos = entity:GetPos()  
local ang = entity:GetAngles()

print( "Pos: " .. pos .. "

" … "Angle: " … tostring( ang ) … "
" )

concommand.Add( “getvector”, FindEntVector )

Something like this I’d presume?
What would I define the entity as for a weapon?