Vector Rotations

I’m in need of help that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone called me a scrub for it, but basically I’m trying to get the player to get launched perpendicular to where they are aiming. Like so:

I can handle a lot of the details, but I’m struggling with one main problem: I can get them to fling in the direction they aim, but anytime I try to change the angle nothing makes any sense to me. I can’t even describe what is happening.

I’m getting their aim vector

local launchVector = owner:GetAimVector()

But then what do I do with it to make it vertically perpendicular? (This is for a Pole Vaulting feature on an item I’m trying to change).
I tried using:


and many many variations of that. But the rotation’s seem to be relative to the world.

One of those days you wish you stayed awake during math class.

Is the orange line representing the player’s aim?

It was originally representing a harpoon the first time I showed the idea, but it mine as well be representing it. The drawing is not perfect sorry ; - ;

i think player:EyeAngles():Up() is what you’re looking for

if not, i’d be happy to explain how to do it with the cross product

THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed. Wonderful!