Vectorized HUD ?

Hi , im working on a HUD with textures extracted from a SWF file (Vector to image) and the render is REALY UGLY

So do you have an idea how i can make a vectorized HUD without textures.

Else , can i use cam.Start3D2D to make a HUD (This time with real textures) ?

More details would be helpful… I find this interesting

Well , im working on GryMod and the problem is that the texture definition and render is REALY bad (But i used HD textures)

So i want to copy Scaleform :

-SWF Hud (Vectorised textures)
-3D render

But i want to make it in LUA

Vectorized(Icons are vectorized using a Font File) VS VTF(And ugly anti aliasing system)

Q: Why is there no problem with icons ?

A: Because the icons are vectorized in a Font file , its not a VTF texture.

You can use the surface.Draw.Poly to draw special things like yours.
[LUA] surface.DrawPoly( table vertexes )
trianglevertex = {{ },{ },{ },{ }}

surface.SetDrawColor( color )
surface.SetTexture(-1) // Fail poly, but works :wink:

		trianglevertex[1]["x"] = 50
		trianglevertex[1]["y"] = 100
		trianglevertex[1]["u"] = 0 
		trianglevertex[1]["v"] = 0

//Top Right
trianglevertex[2][“x”] = 390
trianglevertex[2][“y”] = 100
trianglevertex[2][“u”] = 1
trianglevertex[2][“v”] = 0
//Bottom Right
trianglevertex[3][“x”] = 400
trianglevertex[3][“y”] = 110
trianglevertex[3][“u”] = 0
trianglevertex[3][“v”] = 1
//Bottom Left
trianglevertex[4][“x”] = 40
trianglevertex[4][“y”] = 110
trianglevertex[4][“u”] = 1
trianglevertex[4][“v”] = 1
surface.DrawPoly( trianglevertex )



OP, can you release the HUD once you’re done?

Sry it was a job for a user he paid for it.



I meant, OP of the entire thread.

Yep , no problem
It will be released here

And thanks |Royal| for your help .

I’ve checked something on the GryMod workshop desc. Don’t make textures dependable on Screen Width, make it dependable on Screen Height. If you leave it on ScrW() textures will be bigger on Wide Screens than the 4:3 screens with the same height (Example: 1366x768 and 1024x768)

That was useful to me, thanks man.