Vectorman Playermodel[/t]

Download Link: [t][/t][t][/t] I'm horrible with promo pictures, I know.

A classic gaming icon, reimagined. This is a playermodel of Vectorman, model and design custom made by me.

Playercolor Support

Coming Soon;
Firstperson Arms

Changelog: v1.1
Fixed smoothing as well as a misapplied material to the foot. Should have had a black stripe instead of body color.

Very nice! I loved this game on the Genesis, was kind of their answer to Donkey Kong Country wasn’t it?

I think so, but I never owned it on the Genesis. I was a PC/Nintendo kid, but I had Sega Smash Pack: Twin Pack for PC, came with Vectorman 1 &2, along with Phantasy Star and a few other gems. I fell inlove with the game, and the character.

Could you give a direct download link, please? I guess, it would be helpful for those who use other source program, related to making films.

After the hands are rigged, and if I put him on his own skeleton, it will be in the SFM workshop.


I’ll be releasing a sound pack of sounds I’ve made to go along with my Vectorman soon. I just need to find the last file.

Suggestion - since most of model parts are solid color i’d suggest use one single white texture and then adjust it’s color by $color on each part. Also, i’d suggest to give proxy for glowing parts soo they fade between blue and orange like in original game.

If at all possible, could you make the model a bit more compatible with the color tool, or at least include a more green texture option when used as a ragdoll? I honestly have no idea if player color can be applied to a model that in use as a ragdoll instead of a playermodel.

speaking of that, I made this:

I had to photoshop the image to get the playermodel to look right since I used it as a ragdoll, and used the color tool.

Edit: A few moments after posting, I learned of this:

Nice pic man! Also the whole “ragdoll spawns as blue” is a side effect all playermodels that use playercolor. Wish I could fix, but can’t. And that Ragdoll Color STOOL works wonders, however it seems like some models it somewhat messes up with on color. Updated his workshop description, hoping people read it, but who knows.

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Found all my sounds!

Includes two jump like sounds, single burst plasma, and a repeating burst plasma sound.