What’s needed to use? HL2 and Gmod

It’s a Blast from the Past as Vectorman Finally makes the jump to 3d as a Completely original model.
Included are Vectorman, His logo, and the SEGA Logo

Oh fuck nostalgia attack.

fuckin loved that guy D:

I still have this game.

i once requested that!

I remember playing that game too. I can’t help but get the feeling that he looks different, other than the fact that he’s in source now. :confused:

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Anyways, awesome idea for a model. Do you mind if i reskin it?

GO for it! Just don’t forget to credit me for the model.

I thought the final boss of this game was way too easy, the only difficult thing I thought about this game that kept killing me was that enemy that looked like someone covered in mud on steroids.

I never got to the final boss.

Could it be possible for you to make a model of warhead (the boss that appears in Stage 2, some stages which i don’t remember the number of, and the final level)

Post screenshots of what these bosses look like. Otherwise, nadda.

Dammit now I have to reinstall

Link updated to the version with Vectorman’s logo’s texture folder.


Could use a higher-quality texture though.


Wow! Now I really feel old…

I never did beat that game… my brother spilled juice on the Genesis and fried it

Amazing :open_mouth:

Loved that game.
Model seems a little disproportionate.

best model on the forum everyone else can get out and stop releasing nothing will beat this