Vegas is being an asshole.. cutting titles off

It’s kind of hard to see, but if you’d look on the sides of the screen, my titles are getting cut off. I filmed this in 1366x768 and am trying to export it in 720p HD, and no matter how much I edit the resolution of the title it cuts off either the top or the bottom. How do I fix this? I’m trying to export my movie and it’s being a douchebag.

EDIT: that particular picture was not exported in HD, however it does it no matter what settings I’m using it.

do pan and crop.
Click on the tittle, go to pan and crop, and just make it larger, the tittle should get smaller.

Oh my bad I must not have been clear enough

Basically, that title WAS far out so that you could read it, and it is zooming in until it goes past the camera. However, when I try and export it, the bars are there so that there is still some video remaining on the edges that is out of the title’s boundaries, and I am trying to remove those boundaries so that the title can take up the entire amount of space given.

start fresh then.

If im not mistaken I think you may have forgotten to uncheck Maintain Aspect Ratio.

where can I uncheck that?

Uhm well in order to remove the black bars, you will click on pan/crop on each clip that you do NOT want to have black bars, then in a little tab above, it should say Standard TV Aspect Ratio, just click the arrow and select WideScreen TV Aspect Ratio and the black bars will be removed. The thing about widescreen though is that the clip will be a tad zoomed in so edit it to your liking.

yes I knew it. you need to uncheck maintain aspect ratio as jmanbag said.

Thank you, but that is not what I’m trying to accomplish. If you look at the sides of the video, you’ll see that the title is being cut off… I can remove the black bars simply by exporting in HD, it does that automatically, but it’s those invisible walls on the side that I can’t seem to get rid of that are cutting the titles off.

Yeah I did that… I’m using protype titler anyways, I changed it to that and it cuts it off of the bottom… I filmed it in 1366x768… but changing it to that resolution still cuts it off.

OHH, I think I see whats going on, it looks to be like a border of some sort, try looking in the media fx of the video and check what you applied to the clip.

You should always use these settings while editing for HD exports.

I can see you’re using the default ones: why the hell would you do that? They’re not meant for Internet video :colbert: (non-square pixel ratio, NTSC definition…)


I set the project properties to 1366x768, the resolution i filmed the movie in, i set the title resolution to 1366x768, and it’s still doing that. Goddammit I can’t upload it without fixing this.

I got no idea, sometimes Vegas can be a ass.
Try reconstructing it from the start (the text part).

Grab a screen of all the keyframes for the text, in pan/crop and its properties.
I had something similar to this, big text going to small text, if you have big to small to fast, or your keyframes wont work right, the time between the keyframes and the text will be too big to be fully displayed, so half of it gets cut off, tweek some settings, such as the text size at certain keyframes.
Also less is more with keyframes sometimes.

I have no idea if what i said makes sense, but its late so ill revise this in the morning.

Send me your .veg file

you all got it wrong.

open the crop window, right click on the crop box and choose “match size with output” or something like that.


Yeah, I tried it for both-- didn’t work.

What did I just tell you?

Go in the Project Properties:

set the pixel aspect ratio to god damn 1.000000


now go in the title’s pan/crop settings again, uncheck maintain aspect ratio again, and it works

Chill… I haven’t stumbled across that issue in Vegas before, I hadn’t realized what you meant.

Thanks though, exporting now.