Vehicle Access Proposal

So with vehicles coming I thought I would present to you guys some idea’s regarding the accessing of vehicles.

Security is always a concern in rust both internal and external, here are some ideas I have to keep game play on a fair playing field.

Cars Have 2 Locking Modules which can be seen below:

Locking module #1 Doors and fuel tank (If fuel tank has a locking mechanic this will allow us to steal each others fuel)
Locking module #2 Engine

These 2 Modules have different tiers of security which can be seen below:

Door and fuel tank lock tiers:

Tier 1 = No Locks (can be accessed by anyone)
Tier 2 = Keyed Locks (can be accessed with the correct key)
Tier 3 = Code Locks (can be unlocked from a distance with infrared key, any Infra-key will work it must however have the correct code)
Engine lock tiers:
Tier 1 = Hot Wiring Engine has no locks (Vehicle must be wired by anyone wishing to use it, assuming the engine is already turned off)
Tier 2 = Keyed Locks (Engine is turned on and off with the correct key)
Tier 3 = Code Locks Engine is started with the correct code (The code lock for this is located in the center of steering wheel)
I don’t know about you guys but I think this is quite balanced, stealing fuel makes the owning of a car more balanced I guess, as in the real world if your car has lower security it is susceptible to being stolen.*

Interesting! I think some of these features have potential.