Vehicle Based Suggestion + Picture

As many other people have been requesting, they want vehicles. Some accounts of vehicles have been reported in the past showing that the devs are working on them already. The big question going around is how we are going to be able to actually get one. Some people want it so that every major part is craft-able and put together in that way. The way I am suggesting is that one major non-craftable part, be the body, chassis, and engine block put together as one, be randomly spawned in the wilderness with some randomly required parts are already on it. Say there is a car in a field with a wheel, a leaky gas tank, a blown engine, a missing driver side window, and it has a lack of engine coolant. You would then be required to craft or find 3 wheels, a gas tank, gas, antifreeze, and a few engine parts. There could be a few visual and audible cues to let you know whats wrong. Some examples would be:

Smoking from hood- Lack of coolant
Smoking from exhaust - In need of tune up (carb rebuild kit)
Sputtering - Low fuel
Squealing - Lack of oil
Knocking - Blown/ Destroyed Engine (wont run very long)
Missing body parts/glass - Needed for protection from outside attacks (become damaged or destroyed from outside attacks)
No lights - Change lightbulbs
No wheels - Wheels needed to actually get into motion

With the body of the vehicle out in the wild in unusable condition, one will be forced to build a garage around it to protect it from people to be worked on, otherwise it will be taken by someone who could get the parts on it before you could. This is a great aspect for a PvP environment and should prove to be great fun.

Vehicles could be cool but if someone had a vehicle plane drops would be useless. I think it would be better to have the game restructured to where there were Metal convoys, like armored vehicles that had NPC’s that would shoot at you and you had to try to destroy the Convoy to get loot. Instead of planes.

Perhaps vehicles could also be constructed very crudely, like Mad Max style or something.
It seems a bit silly to be driving around a well-constructed car in a setting that indicates post-apocalyptic conditions.

Think really basic vehicles with metal sheets nailed or welded to the frames.

Wood gas!

I want Mad Max cars built from scratch. No crazy luxury or sports cars.

mad max cars realy are cool!! i hope the game gets them :wink:

This is cool, but i still dont think cars should be in the game

I have to say that that car looks like it’s taken directly from Arma/DayZ. But it’s a good drawing I’m not denying that.

IF this game should get cars I would prefer the mad max style of cars to more fit into the game. A bright red Ferrari doesn’t really fit in the game.
The cars should be VERY loud be hard to craft and provide little protection to prevent clans from driving around in stealthy armored fortresses .

Optional put in a half working ‘Stalker’ subway system under the map filled with enemies and armored train cars that circle the map =)

Kinda, and the game-mechanic concept has been around for some time in other games. . .so it is obvious that the suggestion would appear, and it isn’t any unique suggestion, but would be more pertinent if the map were actually larger.

Once they put the new map up I am all for having cars, would like mad max style though and make em nice and loud. Decent protection too don’t want some bambi shooting my car with a pistol once and I die. Would be awesome setting up like races and stuff with prizes, also would be awesome rolling around with the clan in cars makings tons of noise :smiley:

I think cars are a good idea, but I think it can be expanded a little. For example, simple vehicles incluting ATVs, which can be a little more convenient for off-road.

Maybe not cars but some type of buggy or off-road terrain vehicle. Small of course and you can have guys hang off the side of it.

Just add horses