Vehicle building tools / physics related

I’ve always loved gmod’s sandbox being able to create cars and trucs trains etc but the one thing that always messed up was the physics, wheel wobble and not grippy tires at all, as well as the weirdest way to constrain things for suspension, id love to see a similar level of advanced construction but with more simplicity and physics that support it instead of fight against it, id just love S&box to be as versatile as gmod but better or equal to

Seeing their new and improved weld (that actually welds) gives me hope that your wish will come true, I don’t know if wheels will be as solid as the welds but I’m sure they’re at least better off than they were in Gmod.

I’m not sure how something like suspensions will work, they’ll surely have stuff like “muscle” or whatever it’s used, but I can faintly remember a wheel addon that even has a suspension option, although not unheard of I doubt they’ll stray too far from the original Gmod wheel.

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In case you missed it, here is the best blog yet:

The videos in the “Sandbox Tools” section are really impressive for anyone that has tried to do much of anything with GMod’s constraints. Everything looks accurate, and no bumpiness on those wheels that I could see.

Rubikon is surely going to support more stable, and very likely more advanced physics constraints/tools.


Better constraints and physics are one of the things I’m most excited about. There are some things related to that but sometimes forgotten like aerodynamic, volume-aware explosions and ropes that I would also love to se make into the base game, at least as an optional module, since some servers don’t need advanced physics.

As a side note:
You can get rid of the problem with bumpy tires by using the “Spherical Collisions” tool on the workshop, that does exactly what it says, transforming the collision hull of the prop into the basic, perfectly spheric collision hull available in Havok.

Plus, by taking advantage of the wobblyness of constrains in gmod you are able to create some pretty convincing prop-based torsion bar suspension system. Take a look at this video for more info: Gmod - REAL Offroad Vehicle Technical Explanation - YouTube


I think creating a car for driving is not a problem. The problem will be to create an external enclosure. There are also problems with visible joints in the form of a texture ladder. It would be nice to create a kind of smoothing of connections, making several props into a monolith.

How about to go further? Later, of course. But it would be nice to see a tool for creating tracked vehicles.

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According to a dev blog video, S&box has what I’d call “true weld” where the props move as one unified physics object instead of a bunch of shaky elastic magnets.

This is pretty big for builders and physics-toying programmers alike and seems to be what you’re asking for.

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Have they ever said anything about the way it works? We’ve only seen it being used on about 10 props, all of them having the same cube hitbox.
Could be that for now they just made it combine the meshes to showcase on the devblogs and then called it a day; 30+ props or concave hitboxes would make it unusable.
I’m hoping for the best but I’ll prepare for the worst.


This is an excellent question that I hope the S&box Facepunch team can answer. Not only is this a very new engine but they’re making improvements to it.

Ideally it uses some kind of physics wizardry to move each individual collider as if it were one, but if it combines it all into one mesh it might make it convex with some approximations. So, the inside would be all solid but at least it moves right.

When collision blending you could preserve the old colliders for bullets, +USE, player movement etc. but have all other collisions use the chunky biggun. Just cheeto dusting over here.

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I think the new vehicle building tools look solid.