Vehicle Collision

Cars are killing people on my server, which is obviously a problem. Does anyone know any tools or have any codes that I could possibly use to disable vehicle collision or even vehicle damage? Thanks :slight_smile:

Since you’re posting in the developer section I’m assuming you are looking to implement your own solution using Lua. Otherwise you would have posted in the help section.
You should check

GM:EntityTakeDamage and


I always get bashed when I post in the help section! They say to go to the developer discussion, so I did. I have a little bit of knowledge in gLua, but obviously not enough, I’m not sure what to do with what you gave me.

He gave you a script to stop vehicles damaging players. Check what realm the “EntityTakeDamage” hook is in and use that script he provided you

What do you mean by “realm”? Do you mean like what directory it’s in? So like lua/autorun/server ?