Vehicle Control Addon

Vehicle Control Unit

Current Version: 3.0.2

Purpose: Binds movement (WSAD keys) and mouse to numpad keys or wire outputs. Share your vehicles!


[ul]Lock vehicles using wire[/ul]
[ul]Heads Up Display (HUD) shows available commands.[/ul]
[ul]Attaches to Pod, PHX Airboat Seat, Jeep, Airboat and derived vehicles.[/ul]
[ul]Allocate the following binds: Forward (W), Backward (S), Strafe Left (A), Strafe Right (D), Reload ®, Run (SHIFT), Walk (ALT), Jump (SPACE), Duck (CTRL), Attack (LEFT BUTTON), Secondary (RIGHT BUTTON), Zoom (None)[/ul]
[ul]Actions include: Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Run, Walk, Jump, Duck, Reload, Zoom, Looking Up/Down/Left/Right, In Use[/ul]
[ul]Actions can press numkeys to trigger thrusters, hoverballs, turrets, hydraulics, etc.[/ul]
[ul]Actions can also map to wire outputs allowing complete wire solutions.[/ul]
[ul]Compatible with OL_SuperNumpad addon to allow seperate contraptions.[/ul]
[ul]Write description for each action in use.[/ul]
[ul]Actions highlight in HUD when activated for instant feedback.[/ul]
[ul]Actions use keys bound in the Garry’s Mod configuration to allow anyone to feel at home with your contraption.[/ul]
[ul]Fully Advanced Duplicator compatible to save contraptions for later or share on![/ul]

Upcoming Features:
Currently pending the next release of Garry’s Mod 10.
[ul]LookUp, LookDown, LookLeft, LookRight wire outputs using range between 0 and 1.[/ul]
[ul]Instant activation of vehicle on entry.
This works now with the Latest Beta![/ul]
[ul]Prevent user from entering a disabled vehicle all together with.
This works now with the Latest Beta![/ul]

release information, bug reports and job postings: for videos

If you use OL_SuperNumpad, you will need to replace garrysmod\addons\OL_SuperNumpad\lua\autorun\server\OL_SuperNumpad_Module.lua with the code from tad2020’s post.


Written Instructions

Visual Instructions

In The Package

[ul]Vehicle Control Unit - map guest’s movement keys to your numkeys while in a vehicle, great for sharing contraptions and vehicles[/ul]

[ul]No Collide Multi - select multiple props and apply no collide constraints against every prop.[/ul]

[ul]Gravity - Enable and disable gravity on a prop. Can also adjust the percentage of gravity applied.[/ul]

Screenshots and Videos

Click to enlarge picture | download higher quality video: |

pretty cool

Awesome! I’ve been hoping someone would make something like this for a long time! Using those Numpad keys was getting really old!

Thanks a bunch!

Stars for you!

Yey another version, i love this i use it for nearly every vehicle i use. But I don’t understand the wire, i saw the video but didn’t understand.

This is so god-damned useful.

Cool, so all this stuff is FINALLY Advanced Duplicator compatible! That will make saving stuff so much easier, since I use this all the time.

I have loved this forever, it is right up there with the stacker tool in functionality and diversability, I love it :smiley:

Is the problem with thrusters spazzing out fixed?

Indeed, that was fixed in 2.2.1 on April 1st.

For use in singleplayer, you will need a recent release of wire installed but it does work without you actually using anything in wiremod.

Yey new version, very cool.

Think i am gonna figure out how it works today, is it like you place the VC wire thing then use the wire right click on the VC choose between W,A,S,D etc and then click on the wire thruster, wheel, hoverballs etc?

Thanks dude! I love the new mouse compatibility :).

This is by far the best vehicle addon ever… Pure sex

Really cool, have a Goldstar :D.

You can either use it like the wire Pod Controller’s beacon, however, you place the VCU directly on the pod or vehicle to link it. Make sure you click the “Wired” checkbox to enable the wire outputs.

Alternatively, you can just use the numkey mappings. It comes with a few defaults. You can use both wire and numkeys, too.

Ehm, my brother had 7 and 9 stuck go whatthefork as soon as i installed this, might be a conflict but not sure about that :S

I love how you spelled “yay.”

Nice! Lua King’d. Awesome, man.

I also spell “yay”, “yey”. There is nothing wrong with that it isn’t a spelling mistake is it based on how you pronounce the word.

What’s the song in the video called? It sounds a bit like brandon boyd singing?