Vehicle control with racing wheel/analog stick - Possible or a disgrace to the source gaming community?

With your keyboard, the only controls you have with the car are on/off, making driving clunky and unsmooth.
Would it be possible to have complete control over the accelerator, brakes, and steering with an analog control device like an analog stick or racing wheel? The built-in support is no better then keyboard, the wheels either turn not-at-all or all the way, as do the pedals.

I would love to cruise around Evocity without a tap-dancing drunk-driving act, is it at all possible :slight_smile:

Was my explanation unclear?

It is possible, but it would either require a binary module to be used, or set your GMod options to use the steering wheel and pedals as mouse axis controllers and program your car to steer depending on the camera’s yaw and accelerate/decelerate depending on it’s pitch.