Vehicle Controller?

How do you use the Wiremod Vehicle Controller?
I understand how to use “Throttle” and “Handbrake”, but what about “Steering”. Also, what’s “Engine” and “Lock”?

That’s not very helpful.
I found on the wire forums that you use -1 through 1 on the steering, but that didn’t work for me. Anyone ever use this?

Advanced Pod Controllers are easier to use.

I want to control the vehicle with wire, not control wire from the vehicle.

anyone here that knows how to make a ragdoll?



Hold down Q, click the Ragdoll tab on your top left and click the ragdoll you want to spawn.

I try using -1, 0, and 1 for the Steering input and the Jeep spazzes out and goes flying. Good defense mechanism, but not what I want :saddowns: