Vehicle decoration slash something

Working on a new vehicle mod. But I think its missing something. Just can’t figure out what.


New hud and indicators

So far:

Breaking lights
Turn signal lights ( left mouse and right mouse button when inside the vehicle )
License plates
Fuel - [ Indicator + Server side calculation ]
Battery [ Indicator + Server side calculation... if the light/radio is turned on and the engine is turned off. ]
Engine  [ Indicator + Server side calculation ...if the vehicle is damaged too much the indicator turns ted ]

Your idea here:

Speed control

PS: Dont mind the “lag spikes”, I was connected with a mobile connection

I’ve always found speed control to be difficult, especially in lag, trying to maintain speed by pressing then depressing W, Some form of speed control might help in this regard.
Maybe fuel consumption could also be affected by speed.

A little update…

So far I added fuel,battery, engine and turn signal indicator to the vehicle mod and I’m still working on the speed control thingy, just not easy to decide how to implement it a good way.

Fuel consumption is calculated server side. The battery drains if people forget to turn the light off or the radio. The engine indicator turns red if the vehicle gets too much damage.

Thank you for the suggestion about speed control. Might make it so it’s controlled the shift key. Idk yet…

Could create presets like sport mode and comfort mode on vehicles so if you want resistance like speed control and steering handling comfort mode is enabled. Just my two cents on how you could implement speed control.