Vehicle direction using GetVelocity

Hi Facepunch,

I’m trying to find a way to detect the direction the vehicle is going… if it’s going forward or backward.

local function VehicleDirection(ply)

     local EntVehicle = ply:GetVehicle()
     local Speed = EntVehicle:GetVelocity():Length() 


Hope someone can help!


Take a look at my skletonized dev base:

I’m working on moving a lot of the helper functions over; just saw this and already have one set up:

I do have an “advanced” version which will compare and return many different directions; but I uploaded the simplified for you…

Feel free to add me on Steam; I tutor quite a few people.

This is fantastic! It’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you so much.

Btw…I REALLY like your code style.

Changed it around a bit and added the vehicle speed difference based on units as idling non-handbraked vehicle will scoot 2.5-3ish units. so 4 seems fine. Other objects won’t have that restriction. Also change the code around a bit so Dot is only called if needed. If not moving, returns right away, then tests forward, back, left right…

If you copy/paste, you’ll need the META_ENTITY reference:

As said, feel free to add me on Steam. I’ve got 400+ tutorials / systems that I share with people I tutor ( free ). Additionally the dev base is continually growing…

Some other interesting things found in the useful programs file.

Hey, welcome to FacePunch.
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