Vehicle engine sounds not playing

So… I found that you can’t hear vehicle engine sounds if another player is driving it and they first entered the vehicle a good distance from you. Basically it’s if you never were in range to hear them starting the engine up. So yeah if they drive to you from there, their car is silent to you. I am using absolutely NO ADDONS and am playing on the latest version of Garry’s Mod. This happens with Jeep, Airboat, Jalopy and all vehicle addons of similar nature. Oh and this also happens with the star wars lightsaber addon in which if a player ignites a saber outside of your hearing range and then comes along to you their lightsaber hum is completely silent. Now I know this is an addon but it’s pretty clear that it’s the same bug as above.

Hoping to hear some fix,


It’s not really a bug, but an optimization measure.

I probably should do more research on this, since my lightsabers are affected, but I am not sure whether there’s a fix for this or whether it should be fixed my modders or in the game.

Arh, what a shame. Really lessens the realism my server. Really wish there was a way to turn it back on

Wow… really? no one cares? Don’t you use these sort of things in your servers?

This also happens when mapping too so it is something with the source engine.

Mapping with what? Do you mean putting say a prop_vehicle_jeep in the map and if the player doesn’t spawn close to it, it has no sounds because I came across this too. Sort of remedied it by making it first spawn right behind the player spawn then a teleport trigger immediately moving it further on in the level where I wanted it to be.

Also, this occurs in other games other than gmod?

I’m assuming some sort of precache is needed to be loaded in for all players.

So did you fix it for your lightsabers robot boy? Would it be best to simply increase the max distance for sounds on everything individually?

You can’t really fix it, there is probably some kinda shitty workaround but there is no fix out right now.

When I said mapping I meant creating maps for the Source engine. The bug happens in CS:S, CS:GO, TF2, etc.

Well I just tried synergy and everything is fine there.

Synergy is not GMod, though.

Indeed, he said its a bug with all source games. I’m saying it’s been fixed on Synergy

Anyway trying to make my own fix or at least something that helps a bit by increasing the range but…

self.Weapon:EmitSound(self.Primary.SilencedSound, 511, 100)

According to the wiki 511 is the maximum range you can have which is disappointing but I figured it’s better than nothing yet even this isn’t working any idea why?