Vehicle Engine sounds

I have created a swep to lock/unlock vehicles in my gamemode. However, when the vehicle is locked and you attempt to get inside, it will still make the engine starting sounds (we use VCmod alongside TDMcars if either of those have an impact on the engine start sound).

I am determining whether the player can/cannot enter the vehicle in the GM:CanPlayerEnterVehicle hook.

I noticed something similar like this also.
Does it also unset the handbrake if it’s locked? (put the car on a slope to test this)

Yes, yes it does. This must mean that it is a VCmod thing (I assume handbrake is VCmod only). I guess I’ll start digging through the code. If anyone knows anything about this please lemme know.

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Okay, so I have now discovered that VCMod has a built in locking feature… I could have saved so much time lmao.

Incase anyone is trying to do this in the future:
Unlock vehicle using VCMod:
Lock vehicle using VCMod