Vehicle F4 Tab In DarkRP

I need a Vehicle F4 Tab where i can add Vehicles into and it can only be accessed by My Car Salesman Class these are the vehicles im using:

If You dont want to and you know how please tell me how i would do this

Or if you want to be a nice person and help me Please post the script and tell me the directory of where to put it. =]

Im in the same boat as you m8

Anyone got any answers?

Im having kinda the same problem but with diffrent cars. Im using Vmod and i cant find the Entitie names of the cars i can find the .mdl but not the Example:cars_jeep, its really gettin on my nerves. so help is needed here!

Will someone please reply it keeps not working and every single time i try i just get 10x madder D=<

cl_vgui.lua holds the list of tabs, add your derma panel there.

A car is spawned like a regular entity but you need to give it a model and a script.

thats the problem idk how to do that can someone give me what i should add and tell me where to put it?

These are the vehicles im using.

[lua] local corvette = ents.Create(“prop_vehicle_jeep”) // vehicle class
corvette:SetModel(“models/corvette/corvette.mdl”) //model path
corvette:SetPos(ply:GetPos()) // the palyers position or SetPos( tr.HitPos ) makes it spawn at aim
corvette:SetKeyValue( “vehiclescript”, “scripts/vehicles/corvette.txt” ) // vehicle script
corvette:Spawn() // spawn the car
corvette:Activate() // activates it
ply:EnterVehicle( corvette ) // forces the player in the car
end [/lua]

// this is a script that spawns the corvette where ur standing
// all u have to do is put that on your spawn icon i think if im incorreect someone plz tell me

You dont have to do that now… Theres a file for adding cars.