Vehicle Fire, then doesnt let me in

Ok so when i set my vehicle on fire then repair it with the right tool it does not let me back in the car ever after its on fire PLZ HELP thank you !

We can totally help you without telling us what addons you’re using.

IK but i was waiting for a response sooooo,
Ive kinda comnbined to things into one.
im using 2 bought scripts from coder hire and combined some scripts so when the car gets damaged(destroyed) it bursts into flames instead of blowing up.
So the scripts are > DarkRP Fuel + Vehicle Damage AND DarkRP Fire System.

Ask on Coderhire then.

i dont need to show you the script because it works the only problem when any car catches on fir from getting destroyed or driving in it, it does not let you go back into the car.

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Coderhire is not the problem its the cars in general

It sounds like it has something to do with the scripts to me.

no because all the script is doing is making the car on fire and not only is it that but when i drive into fire the same thing happens so it couldn’t be

Does it work without the script, though?

when its on fire no it still doesnt let me in the car

What car? The default cars?

any car

What is the repair tool?

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then i use the fire_extinguisher to put out the fire

That comes from a Coderhire script, so once again, it’s something to do with the script.

No because if i drag a car in the fire lite it then try to get in it, it wont let me