Vehicle for Cook !


When i want to put a vehicle for TEAM_COOK in DarkRP 2.5.1 it’s not possible…

I put :

        name = "PizzaBoy",
        model = "models/tiggomods/gta/vc/pizzaboybody.mdl",
        price = 100,
        allowed = TEAM_COOK

In sh_init.lua (hungermod folder) it make error in F4 menu. And when i put this in vehicles.lua (darkrpmodifications addon folder) it doesn’t appear…

Can someone help me please ?

The allowed has to be in a table, I.E. { TEAM_COOK }

Doesn’t work too… :frowning:

Make sure you are loading it in the DarkRPModification config.

Yes i’ve put it in vehicles.lua in darkrpmodification…

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Vehicles doen’t work only for cook i don’t understand

There’s no class of the vehicle defined in the code.

What ? For other vehicle (scar) with other job it work… It’s only for TEAM_COOK !

Falco just updated the github to fix this.

Credit to me !