Vehicle Glitch (Tilted?)

What would cause a car to do this? Is it the model? Is something wrong with my .qc? I’ve never had a problem like this before… It’s like the left wheels are invisibly larger than the right ones. The car drives fine if I offset the center of mass, but it’s all lopsided. In the first and last screen you can see that the left wheels are floating off of the ground even though the right ones are elevated above the road by the sidewalk.

Use ‘developer 2’ and ‘ent_bbox’ console commands on the vehicle and it will show you where the simulated wheels are as well as the center of mass and the model’s origin.

This should show you if the wheels have been offset during compiling.

Reviving an old thread here… I ended up giving up on the Lada but now I see the exact same problem again with a Jeep I’m working on. Here are screens with the ent_bbox turned on:

As you can see it appears the driver side rear wheel is the culprit, but I don’t know how I would fix this… What should I do? And do you know what causes this problem anyway?

Did you find out what was wrong in the end?