Vehicle List Woes

So I have this function which stores car names in a database. I use list.get to get the name of the vehicle by its model like so:

	local modelOfCar = hitEnt:GetModel()
	for k, v in pairs (list.Get("Vehicles")) do
		if (modelOfCar == v.Model) then 
			nameOfCar = v.Name

Thing is, the model of the car IS in the list.Get(“Vehicles”) table (I printed the table out before the for loop to see what was in there and I found it multiple times) unyet, for some reason my if statement doesnt respond to it at all. Like I have said, I have printed out v.Model and modelOfCar together in the loop and found several matches unyet, as soon as I put that if statement in there, it does absolutely nothing.
Any ideas?

I’m not getting any problems:

] lua_run_cl for k,v in pairs(list.Get("Vehicles")) do if (v.Model == LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetModel()) then print("found") break end end

Are you 100% sure that the casing is the same? Strings with different casing (“a” and “A”) will evaluate to false when compared.