Vehicle made with the Sniper's Camper Van

A vehicle made out of the sniper’s camper van would be pretty cool.
i don’t really know what else there is too ask…
valve just released models from the sniper movie, i guess someone has to get them out of the sdk and animate them first…

By “sniper movie” he means this one

thank you makeing that clear, i forgot to mention that it was from tf2.

I’ll do it.

Note it probably doesn’t come with animations at all. I mean we don’t really see it steer around in the movie.

Got the model almost done now. All that’s left are a few smaller animations, then the handling.

You best be optimizing that model first, it was used for cinematic purposes and has a grotesque amount of verts.

It’s actually pretty good on the poly count. Sure, it has a few detailed parts, but it’s still quite easy on the engine.


And I’m also half-way done with the zombie-killing delivery van from L4D.