Vehicle model creation tutorial

Basically I got bored messing around with props and usually don’t dab into 3d modeling too often due to time constraints of a college education. So I have a car model that I just want to see if I can get compiled and such to work as a vehicle in source. Doing this before I take the time to start my own model just to get the hang for doing vehicle compilation. So are there any tutorials on doing things for vehicles if they are any different then other model compilation methods (prop vs ragdolls, etc).

Thanks in advance, Sonic5039.

If you want a car that doesn’t have moving wheels, and that you can’t drive, it is exactly the same as a prop.



Okay so far I’m following that tutorial from the one site for the bones needed, and such yet whenever I bind the mesh for the steering wheel to the one joint for it, testing its rotation seems to slightly fuck up the wheels (unnoticeable so not worried too much about it I only noticed it cause wireframe was on and I turned the wheel too much to make it a slight noticeable deform). Yet the steering wheel goes from perfectly round cylinder/ torus to completely fucked up like it was totaled in an a accident.

Anyone have any clue if I did something wrong or am I just too tired to remember something right now. Currently doing this in maya 09.