[Vehicle port Requests] want a vehicle ported to workshop? ask me!

Hey my name is :radioactive:MAGMADA​:radioactive: and i take requests to port vehicles into workshop

if your car use custom sounds and have an old soundscript i can convert it to the new lua soundscript. all i need is

  • the gmod 12 addon of the car (with old soundscript if it uses custom sounds) download link

  • and some patience

  • original uploaders name so i can credit him/her

  • i do not port vehicles/vehicle packs that is still under development, or still getting updated since the developer probably want to upload these himself/herself.

  • i do not port over Tools, Weapons, npc’s and other sents! only vehicles

ive already ported over some cars and a vehiclepack here

the portover time may depend on how big the pack is and if it uses custom sounds or not

so miss a vehicle in G13 come here and request it!

  • :radioactive:MAGMADA​:radioactive: