Vehicle Problem

I seem to be having a problem with the vehicle animations. Somehow, when people get out of a vehicle sometimes on my server, they get put into noclip and thus are able to pretty much fly around and kill everyone. This problem only arose after the engine update. Is there a way, with lua or otherwise, that I can disable vehicle animations, or eliminate this bug?

The only thing you can do right now is to disable said vehicle from being spawned by setting the vehicles limit to 0.

Whaddaya mean? I could probably rig something up to disable noclip whenever someone gets out of a vehicle, but is that the ONLY thing I can do as of now? xP

Well, it depends on what you’re capable of. Yes, you could make an anti-noclip script, and yes that would most probably work.
I sort of assumed that you may not have been capable of that. I don’t have high standards for the folks here.

Understandable. Just give off solutions to the problem and generally I find a way to get it to work. xP

Bump Update: I did some research with some of the users on my server and they showed me that its done by deleting a vehicle as you’re getting out. Any thoughts.

Report the bug, and wait for Garry to fix it, assuming he can.

Will do and in the meantime, is there perhaps a way I can get a script to call a function which will disable noclip whenever players get out of a vehicle, or I guess in this case, begin to get out of a vehicle? :3

Perhaps something to the effect of this
–Code that forces player out of noclip

Hm. It would need lines to help differentiate between legit noclips and glitched ones, I’ll work in it. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Maybe disable noclip for say, 5-15 seconds after exiting a vehicle.

Which would be done with timer.Create right? I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t done a lot of Lua work for ages and even so, I’m unexperienced in the field, but can get the job done.