Vehicle server problem


I’m trying to get my server working on my dedicated box. No problem whatsoever with starting it up and joining. But, I can’t seem to get ny of my addon vehicles to work. I have tried several packs and single vehicle addons, but none seems to work. I have no other addons that could interfere with it and I have uploaded all files correctly. It just doesn’t show them in the list and it doesn’t download the files when you join the server, so I guess for some reason it doesn’t find the addons.
I have also tried uploading some seperate vehicles directly into the garrysmod folder, but no succes.

Anyone who could help me?

I have the exact same problem, will sombody please answer this?

This thread is kind of old, are you using fast download?

Fast download?


Hello, anybody gonna answer. Anybody know a REAL way to get vehicles working, it’s kinda getting really annoying. I use a dedciated server with port forwarding, I do not have webspace to upload fast downloads… yet.