Vehicle View Bug

no im not talking about gmod_vehicleviewmode or CTRL

when i drive a car and turn the view doesnt stay with the car as it should it kind of follows where it last was according to the world.

bump D:>

Help me, please :frowning:

So you mean when you move the cam stays in the car, but keeps focused on the last “piece” of world you pointed it or it just stops tracking the car and remains at the coordinates, but still with the ability to rotate?
Anyways. Your add-ons list will be helpful to know!

yea thats what i mean. its like when you dont move your mouse and use the wasd keys to move around. heres my addons

Adv Duplicator
Fueled Mod Cars
LeeModel (mustang and supra cars)
Kill Menu (i made it)
Falco’s small scrpts
Asb (aimbot)

its the aimbot. its got to be.

Ahaha, a cheater coming to the official forums for help as if he deserves it. Lovely.

jesus christ people

Nobody else has this problem so its got to be a bad lua script and I’m going with MightyMax, you need to rid yourself of that shitty aimbot.

Just move everything out of your addons folder and if that doesn’t fix it move em back.

You gotta restart garrysmod when making changes to the addons folder as well.

it isnt really shitty… so i deleted the one part of the aimbot and my cars are working flawlessly. THANKS.