Vehicle with trunk that opens?

I’ve seen tons of amazing releases as far as vehicles are concerned but have noticed that none of them include cars that have trunks that can be popped open. There have even been releases where the vehicle has a fully modeled and textured interior for the trunk yet no way to open it. Anyone out there that can make and release a vehicle that can do this?

It’d be a fairly pointless feature, because the animation wouldn’t be able to affect the collision model; ie when it was open you couldn’t put things in it.

Couldn’t someone make it where the “lid” was not collidable. You have to weld stuff to it anyway for stability. : /

It would be a little extra work but theres tools that can help work around that, such as no-collide and others I’m sure.

Would a little paypal lovin interest anyone in creating a vehicle with a trunk that opens and a collision model that allows stuff to be put inside?

PM me if you’re interested!

To my knowledge, I don’t think it’s possible to make the collision geometry allow stuff to be put in the trunk without causing something to get buggy. And besides, isn’t the collision model is static (meaning it can’t change) when it comes to vehicles? Even if you have it so that the vehicle model had a trunk that would open and close, I don’t think the collision model would cooperate with it.

Alright so would a more realistic solution be to make a car that simply has the trunk open?

I support this. Good for posing too, I’m sure.

Yeah, that would definitely be useful for posing