Can anyone explain to me why my drivable vehicle drives backwards when I press W and forward when I press S?

Flip the model round?
Are you applying opposite forces?

The wheels go in the correct direction but it’s when i want it to drive forwards it goes in the opposite direction.

Your model must be pointing in the wrong direction, try add after the model name:

$origin 0 0 0 180

that should flip the model, recompile and test ingame.

$origin 0 0 0 180

I had $origin 0 0 0 90 in before to stop the car from driving side to side. If i added that in, it would revert it back.

I did
$origin 0 0 0 270 and that solved my issue.

Thanks for the help.

That’s what I was trying to tell you, I just forgot the qc command.