Vehicles aren't drivable on my server.

I installed the MC’s Dodge Charger on my server, but it only appears as a prop and not drivable. Any advice will help. Here’s the link to the car if you want.

Is this a sandbox where players can spawn the vehicle or an RP where it’s buyable?
Just tell me the gamemode, i.e darkrp, sandbox, perp, etc.

its sandbox

Then you may have installed it wrong. Is it in the server’s addons folder?

Okay, to let you know, I’m helping this guy out with his server.
The thing is, the vehicle only appears in the prop list but not in the vehicle list.
I tried to create a spawnlist .txt file for him but that didn’t help.
And it’s not located in addons folder. materials goes to materials, lua to lua, etc. I know how to install the vehicle, just not how to freakin’ get it to the vehicle spawnlist. I believe a Lua code similar to this one is needed right?

local Category = "PT cars"

local V = { 	
				// Required information
				Name = "H3 stock", 
				Class = "prop_vehicle_jeep_old",
				Category = Category,

				// Optional information
				Author = "Yuhop",
				Information = "Hummer H3 from Project Torque",
				Model = "models/hummer_new.mdl",
				HeadLights = {
					Light1 = { Pos = Vector(-25.7,-69,46), Ang = Angle(00,5,80) },
					Light2 = { Pos = Vector(25.7,-69,46), Ang = Angle(00,-5,80) },
				Horn = {Sound = "vu_horn_quick.wav", Pitch = 90},
				Passengers  = {
					passenger1 = { Pos = Vector(19,15,27), Ang = Angle(0,0,0) },
					passenger2 = { Pos = Vector(15,58,27), Ang = Angle(0,0,0) },
					passenger3 = { Pos = Vector(-15,58,27), Ang = Angle(0,0,0) },
				SeatType = "jeep_seat",
				HideSeats = true,
				customexits = { Vector(30,13,30), Vector(30,58,30), Vector(-30,58,30) ,Vector(-30,58,30) },
				KeyValues = {
								vehiclescript	=	"scripts/vehicles/hummerh3.txt"

list.Set( "Vehicles", "hummer_h3", V )