Vehicles being produced on an automated production line.

I apologize for this boring and uninteresting picture.

I got bored and decided to try screwing around with lighting and trying to make things colorful without making it look silly.

hover APC, very nice, i like the concept and the lighting

It looks nice but there is not much to comment on

i like the subtlety of the lighting

it’s just kinda nice and sterile… feels lonely. really gets the feeling across that the place is totally maintained by the machines

Original and simple, I like it.

my god the lighting is sex
and the door really was a nice touch to making the place feel more lonely

This is fucking great, and anything but boring. Well done.

I find it very interesting, as rossmum said it’s not boring at all.
Not too much going on, it looks sad, but you don’t need epic colours and explosions to make a good picture.

Very well done, good sir.

god i cant stop looking at this pic

Wonderful concept dude