Vehicles for Gmod.

Now I do know that there are vmods and such for Gmod.

but what I do want to know, is what is compatible, with the fully updated Gmod of today.

i know for a fact some of them don’t work.

So if you may, could you good fpers post some links and such so I may acquire some vehicles.

And I should stop talking weird.

There’s a vehicle pack SVN

Found here

oh wut the. never knew that.

el mucho gracias.


Uhhh Wait it asks for authentication?

Don’t pretend to know Spanish. And it doesn’t ask for a username password.

Lefundoof, here is the best vehicle pack I’ve ever seen, it also works with today’s gmod.

Hope I helped.

  1. no one cares.

  2. yes it does.


Helped alot. Thanks


No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, they uploaded an outdated version of the SVN.

Lol, but do you have any suggestion about the authentication issue?

You probably did it wrong.

There is no passwrd on the SVN.


Even if there is, it’s usually a combination of anonsvn and anon.

user: anonsvn
pass: anonsvn