Vehicles for Source Film Maker?

Sorry for being not that specific with the title, but I’m looking for some cars/vehicles that I can use in SFM.
The SFM workshop has absolutely nothing in the way of realistic cars, except for a posable Humvee and the Interceptor V8 from Mad Max.
I’m looking for military style vehicles (namely transport helicopters like the Huey and the Blackhawk) and sports cars (specifically a last/this gen Ford Mustang GT)
Does anybody have any links were I can find stuff like that? Would it be possible to copy/paste stuff from the Garrys Mod workshop into the SFM folder? They are both the source engine, so I couldn’t imagine it would be that difficult to put them into SFM? But I don’t know anything, I’m not a modeler.
Thanks in advance!

Ever tried getting vehicles from Garrysmod and then just bringing them over into the usermod section of SFM? All you have to do is use Gmad Extractor to get the addon itself and the rest is self explanatory

That and the gmod website still has plenty of downloads that work.