Vehicles from Red Orchestra or Darkest Hour

Well we lack good WW2 vehicle models(Besides the ones from FH and RnL, but those keep on getting removed everytime somebody uploads them). I think the vehicle models from Red Orchestra or the RO Mod, Darkest Hour would be a better choice, with both featuring a wide variety of tanks and other vehicles used in WW2. I am surprised this has not been done or attempted before. RO and DH features vehicles such as the PZ II, III, IV, V, VI, the M4, The Cromwell, Jagdpanther, Half-Tracks, and the Universal Carrier


I agree with this. If I can get the game and if the model extension is right I’m going to take a look at it.

Here is additional Information: RO runs on a version of Unreal Engine 2.

Do you know the model extension and the materials expension?

It seems to use a file extension called usx, it seems that all the models and materials for all the vehicles are in one file for each side.

I’m going to look for an importer.

EDIT : I got the Goofo’s .ase importer. I think it will work with the .usx.

If it uses the Unreal Engine, just get Umodel and extract the models.
Later then you can turn them into props really easily.


I would help but I dont have the game.

Umodel? I’m going to look into that. Can you give me a link for it?

I don’t have the game but I think I’m going to get it or maybe getting the mod Darkest Hour and porting the model.

In the downloads part, just download the Win32 version, and read the instructions for use.

I don’t think this is possible.
Many people have asked for this in the past, but for some reason people say you can’t do it.

If there is a FREE mod I can download from the game that has some model files I could give it a try and see if it works.

If it does work then it should work just fine with the original game files.

I think you need the game to get the mod.

Both are available though Steam. RO Costs $9.99, DH is free.