Vehicles in rust?

Do you think there could ever be vehicles? Maybe 4 wheelers, wrangler-type vehicles, or trucks. Also some small abandon towns, roads, water towers, etc. Also, being able to dig under ground for your base. Obviously this game is just in the beginning, and i also haven’t played it because i don’t have it, but these are some observations I’ve made from the videos I’ve seen from PsiSyndicate. Also, Psi if you take a look at this, your series is taking a good direction in Rust, thank you for all of your quality videos. Also, what would you guys think about these ideas?

There are vehicles ingame but I think they are only admins can get them right now.

Snapster is right, there are cars but only admins seem to be able to use them.

those are quite ugly, they need to be more apocalyptic. This game will be so good when it reaches full game.

Yes Actually… I actually found one today near my base. But I could not access it sadly :frowning:

Yes there are vehicles, but they are pretty much placeholders. I think it’s up in the air if they will be staying. Developers have to spawn them.

You can’t enter them.

makes sense.

It seems that a lot of the models are placeholders atm.
I like your ideas dobby especially diggin and stuff but thats likley askin a lot atm.
Considering how early in development rust is, I wonder what the developers have in mind for the future
Giants that smash your base?

Remember, The more people can modify a world,
the more the world will have to be reset to be usable again!

Valid point afitz, but think about when the game is released, the servers will be way more stable.

I personally think, That the map needs to be bigger for vehicles though.
Add a repair/breaking system.
They spawn broken (most of them)
Something cool like that

also having a garage attachment to your house so you can keep it some what safe while you are away. Leaning more to what we saw the DayZ mod have with the broken stuff like you said, you find the vehicle with say 2 or 3 wheels, spare tire on the car that you can take off and put on maybe, also you should be able to craft onto it, like we saw in the Origins mod, for DayZ…mod. Where you could put metal plates on the car to protect it.

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I just can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

Ahh, Comparing games to other games in a genre XD
Yea, It all depends what they can do in early alpha.
Im pretty sure when were done with this, It will be a download. I hope its a download…
Meaning, unlimited content, Moding, bigger shtuff… Ect ect.

I think Garry also understands what the community is capable of, obviously through the success of GMod and all the user created content on there.

Wait garry made garrys mod?
Ok I was trying to be funny
Didn’t work out…

Yea, Leave it up to him, I sorta want this game to be more serious, And not wacky like Gmod.
I mean, My hosting biz, We host Gmod servers… And ive joined a few for technical issues, and most of them just have, Screwed up stuff on them 0.o

Heres a video of me driving the car around the other day, it’s pretty cool. Goes fast, light as a feather, working headlights, cannot roadkill.

Yeah, I hope vehicles will be something of a “main” thing in Rust.

Boats, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Cars, Vans, etc.

They should however be pretty rare. And you would need to build it.

To build a car, you would need to loot: 4x Tire, 1x Engine & then fuel. (Example)

To build a motorcycle, you would need to loot: 2x Tire, 1x Engine & some fuel. (Example).

Now you build it up, and you could open/close the trunk and place items in there.
Let’s say your backpack is about to be full, just place some items in the trunk and there you go!

Now, vehicles shouldn’t be player owned. Not at all. This is an apocalypse!

You would need to protect your car while not using it, I mean, keep an eye on it.
Anyone should be able to hop into a vehicle that has been fixed (built) and drive it. Anyone!

This gives more excitement and fun to the game. Now you are probably thinking,
what about when you are going to sleep? My vehicle will be gone!

I believe that you would be able to hide the vehicle somewhere, in a bush or whatever.

I think vehicles will be one of the highlights in Rust, especially if you need to “build” it yourself.

Looting the parts you need, looting fuel.

I hope players will be able to swim, and there will be islands, and boats to build.

Imagine two islands, with two groups on each. It would be like the TV show “Lost” ha ha.

Well, this is just some ideas that popped up in my head. I hope I didn’t write way to much.


You should be able to steal it unless you have crafted a car that requires a key to use, which would then allow for making tools that allow you to hot wire cars but takes a minute or two or make it so you have to kill the owner of the car to take the key.


Forum being d:dosed or just the Facepunch servers being slow? I’ve had error messages trying to load the forums a couple of times.

Horses would be cool.


  1. There are cars, you can enter them and admins have to spawn them.
  2. You can’t exit them, and they will probably kill you.
  3. They will add more. The helicopter is finished. The map is massive. Why do you think there is low grade fuel?