Vehicles in Rust

So I know there is a lot of talk about vehicles and people saying that it would be too much like dayZ if added.

I think vehicles would be an awesome addition to this game if implemented properly. Obviously they would have to be balanced in my mind it would be cool if vehicles were a hard thing to make but would be very useful for example say we could make a dirt bike as one of the easier vehicles to make. It would allow for faster transport and you could store additional loot on the bike, guns, ammo, medkits loot space etc. But obviously if someone steals it and loots it that would suck bad, but add a great experience in game.

Adding some kind of jeep this being a lot harder to make and pretty rare but imagine rolling up with your crew to raid some house and provide backup (i’m thinking mountable MG on the back too). I think it would add a sick aspect to the game and like I said if its balanced correctly I think it would be awesome

In my opinion motorized do not really fit the game (in this stage at least). Horses or cycles could be fun though. Those will not give you the extra protection and might make it harder to shoot from it but offer the ability of faster transportation in return.

If anything tamable wildlife would be more feasible and would fit the game better. Horses, donkeys, etc.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if I saw a car whip past me it’d fucking ruin the game for me.
It’d completely destroy the atmosphere of the game.

depends on how they’re implemented, if vehicles were designed to run on fuel, were heavily improvised and required team work to build and maintain they would fit in with the games atmosphere nicely, which is post-apocalyptic. While I agree things like cars would be a bit out of touch, mad max style tanks would be awesome and would undoubtedly add to ‘clan wars’ between groups of players.

I think that’s why you have ‘low grade fuel’.

Cars etc would take huge amounts of resources to run. They have already done the chopper. IMO, the game needs it. But they would be really end game items. Or on big maps to transport like DayZ

When starting on a new server, comming across kevlar guys with m4’s is not fun. Imagine one or more vehicles with multiple guys racing over the map killing freshspawns or anyone crossing their path…

Now this got me thinking - not necessarily in stead of vehicles but an idea I am fond of would be some sort of tower you could build that would have a mounted machine gun (with considerably more power then typical hand-held guns) would be neat and would add a nice touch for defense against raiders - or if you have the time and resources a good offense if placed appropriately outside of an enemy base.

Not intending to hijack the thread, just fuming my thoughts.

For vehicles, though, I might not be opposed to having something like this;

Just a basic unattractive mobile gunning vehicle that’d offer a bit of protection.
I just don’t want to see fancy vehicles and explosives from vehicles - that’s it, mainly.

A slow moving tanky vehicle like that with a machine gun on it might be okay.

Rust should by like “Fallen Earth” but who have skill for that idk…

I really like the idea of dirt bikes and a pickup truck with an mg on it in rust,but that must only be added in later,and be really hard and expensive to make. So like high quality metal and it should require a lot of fuel to actually run. It would be awesome though,but just don’t make it so that everybody has one and uses it whenever they go on a it should be so expensive to run that you only want to use it for very important raids

No vehicles for me… if someone really need a vehicule, give them a boat so he could left our Rust Island… :wink:


I would like to see only a horse’s. Vehicles will ruin me the game. There is a lot of fun for me right know. Just go across the map and try to survive. Much more bigger map and more island could be great. You know. You have to make a boat to get yourself to another island. There could be some special resources… Sorry for my English. I hope you can understand me. :slight_smile:


  • gives no protection of any kind.
  • you can take “fall” damage when you fall of the bike.
  • can’t shoot while you’re on it.
  • no exhaust pipe so you hear it from a mile away.

All in all just a tool to get around the map faster then by foot.

I would say horses might be something that some Rust devs might be keeping on the dl, i’ve seen on Alex Webster’s Vimeo page a video of a horse walking.

Might not be related to rust, and there is a chance it might be.

i could see 1-2 vehicles on a server that cost huge amounts of low grade fuel to run, and once they are wrecked, they are done for that cycle. maybe a regular % chance to break down whilst being used, or condition like other gear.

it has potential, but honestly has to be reigned in hard so it doesn’t break the immersion:) but no tanks, and i’m hesitant to see motorbikes. i like the idea of a van or 4x4. something believable, that can fit a few players inside. think bandit technicals from borderlands 2:)

i’d say, we could use a rusted out school bus, or perhaps a Cold War style military jeep. Whatever the vehicle is, it needs to be more of an improvised machine.

But Rust NEEDS a vehicle system if its gunna survive H1Z1, DAYZ, ect

Agreed, I just hope it won’t be so physics strenuous like Garrysmod, otherwise high latency and performance issues are really going to burn the cake.

I disagree. H1Z1 and DayZ are two other completely different games that aren’t even technically the same genre as Rust. Because they have vehicles, Rust HAS to have them or else it’ll fail? No, no that’s not how it works.

Keep in mind with the procedurally generated maps coming up there won’t even be roads (at least from what I can tell) for vehicles to drive on, just rough terrain. The map size isn’t large enough to warrant vehicles (at least in Rust 1.0, the playable map area can be walked across in 5-10-15 minutes).

I’d really like tameable animals. Horses, camels, elephants… Hell, even bears. Imagine ten guys on armored bears running at you. And behind them five war elephants, coated in leather armor.
Even tameable hawks and eagles, maybe. Or crows as sentinels. They’d fly over to your position or make a special “caw” to alarm you that somebody’s on your turf.

I think it would be something special.